Across Languages (AL) is a not-for-profit, charitable organization, founded in 1989. The agency evolved in the 80’s out of a multi-sectoral response to challenges faced by service providers in communicating with limited or non-English speaking service users.

The agency delivers most of its services throughout Southern Ontario. In 2011, AL provided more than 18,000 hours of interpretation through more than 15,500 assignments, and delivered more than 12,000 pages of translation in a total of 62 languages.

AL has developed expertise in managing complex and relatively large language projects involving multiple languages. The agency has a reputation for quality service combined with superior response and turnaround times.

The agency client base is very broad: government services, primary health care and mental health services, acute and emergency care, quasi-judicial settings, and other public sector organizations such as schools, Children’s Aid Societies, police services, and social service agencies. Our commercial clients include insurance agencies, rehabilitation providers, law firms, and health professionals in private practice among others.

AL is mandated by the Ontario provincial government to provide interpreters for government and policing services, shelters, community agencies and others who served victims and survivors of domestic and sexual violence and human trafficking.