Interpretation and Translation

The world today is all about timely and effective communication between people across the globe. AL’s motto of “A Voice for Every Language” will enable you to work successfully with your limited or non-English speaking clients.

AL is a leading provider of language services including:

  • On-site and (immediate and scheduled) telephone interpreting
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting
  • Translation and proofreading of documents, applications, and websites
  • Type-setting and layout of documents
  • Interpreter training and certification
  • Language testing and test development
  • Voice talents and voice-over recording

Shortly we will be able to offer our clients interpretation services
via video interpretation.

Training and Consultation

Across Languages sets the goal to be a leader in the field, therefore we engage in ongoing research and consultation projects on behalf of our clients. Recently we finalized a three year research initiative funded by the Middlesex London Health Unit on Intercultural Communication in Health.

Consultation services are available on issues arising from delivering services to multicultural client groups or working with interpreters. These specialized and customized training modules will allow our clients to benefit from our expertise in language services and cultural communication issues.

AL interpreters, translators, and ILSAT assessors
are covered by the agency’s Errors & Omissions insurance.