At AL, we are always looking for new interpreters to provide assistance to limited or non- English-speakers (LNES). Interpreters provide a vital service by enabling LNES to communicate with, or gain access to, support services in the community or to engage in legal, civic, social systems.

As an interpreter, you would be responsible for:
• Interpreting accurately the meaning and intent of the words
spoken and requesting clarification where needed.
• Respecting the integrity and right to confidentiality of all parties.
• Not imposing your own values and opinions.

The skills required to be an interpreter are:
• Active listening, note taking, faithful and accurate transmission
of the message, cross-cultural communication, knowledge of
the social, civic, and legal systems.
• Adherence to the Code of Ethics.

We are now accepting applications from individuals interested in becoming professional Language Interpreters.


  • Fluency and proficiency in English and another language.
  • Successful completion of a Language Test (ILSAT).
  • Available for training ( 125 HOURS).
  • Minimum High School diploma.
  • Familiarity with social services including legal and health sectors.
  • Understanding of issues related to violence against women.


  • Strong interpersonal skills and the ability to work in stressful situations.
  • Internet access and cell phone.
  • Prior interpreting experience.

Completion of our Core Competencies Training will qualify you to work as a community interpreter in various settings (e.g. shelters, social services, housing, legal, health, etc.). Community Interpreters are paid a minimum of $25/hour.Work opportunities will be offered only to those who successfully complete the language proficiency test and the training program.

To apply: Submit the application form below and fax your resume to 519.642.1831 or e-mail
Cost: Language Test (ILSAT)$150 + Training $600 = $750.

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Experience & Education

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Please list all previous formal education such as high school, trade school, college, and/or university. *

(Example: Bachelor of Arts, Geography. University of Western Ontario, Canada. 2011.)

Please mail or bring in to the office a copy of the certificates in interpretation that you hold.

Please describe all related interpretation experience you have. *

(Example: Interpreting for family members)

Since when have you lived in London, Ontario? *

(Example: January, 2001)

Please list the countries you've lived in previously. *

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Availability for Training

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If you are unavailable, please detail why.

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Please include a list of references. *

Please Note: To be considered for training, you will be required to sit for a test of interpreting ability and provide proof that you do not have an unpardoned criminal offence in Canada, both at your own expense.

Did you know AL can help subsidize your training to become an interpreter? We offer subsidized training to bilingually-proficient applicants who wish to start a career as interpreters. This is part of our Social Initiatives at AL.Find out more about this by e-mailing