Since 1995, Across Languages has been delivering quality, certified, timely and competitive translations and proof reading services of documents, websites, publications, manuals and reports.

Our expertise covers commercial, legal, medical, educational, government and community services. They request translations in over 100 different languages and dialects annually. We are known for high level of customer service, fast turnaround time, quality of certified translations, wide variety of languages and dialects, and competitive rates.

To receive a no-obligation quote, please:

Call 519-642-7247 ext. 225

Fax 519-642-1831 or

E-mail your document.


Translation quotes are generally based on the number of words in the document, language or dialect, linguistic complexity, nature of the document, turnaround time and the formatting and layout requirements. We offer volume discounts and special rates for document translation into multiple languages. We will deliver the completed project in electronic and/or hardcopy.


Across Languages also provides high quality transcription and translation service of audio and video tapes/CDs.

Across Languages provides Voice Talent Services. Voice talents will record any script in another language for studios, production companies, schools, or private businesses.