The Interpreter Language Skill and Assessment Tool (ILSAT) is a dual-language audio test which measures sight translation and interpreting ability. The ILSAT is designed to simulate an actual interpreting situation, and therefore uses basic health and legal terminology. The intended use is to assess a candidate’s readiness to enter an interpreter training program, but the assessment tool may also be useful in evaluation of a working interpreter’s language and interpreting skills.

The ILSAT is recognized by the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration’s Language Interpreter Services Program as one of the mandatory requirements for interpreters working with victims of domestic and sexual violence and trafficked persons. The ILSAT is also used by Ontario Colleges, community agencies, and public institutions to assess interpreting aptitude and skills. ILSAT submissions are assessed by independent assessors.

ILSAT service is available to public institutions, governmental organizations, community colleges, and community agencies across the country. To obtain the ILSAT Administration Kit contact: or 519.642.7247.