Celebrating Unity and Community

A group of community interpreters

The much-anticipated Picnic in the Park organized by Across Languages for their community of interpreters and their families was a heartwarming celebration, despite the less-than-sunny weather. Held at Gibbons Park, the event turned out to be a memorable day filled with laughter, connection, and delightful moments for both young and old.

A Community United

The picnic was a testament to the strong bonds within the Across Languages community. Interpreters brought along their families, creating an inclusive and diverse gathering. The event beautifully blended different cultures, languages, and backgrounds, reflecting the global nature of the interpreting profession. Both children and adults engaged and enjoyed various activities, fostering a sense of unity and joy.

Fun Activities for All Ages

The event featured a variety of fair games that entertained attendees of all ages. From ring-bottle tossing to ducky fishing games that there was no shortage of fun. One of the highlights for the interpreters was the bingo game, which offered an opportunity to mingle and bond with fellow interpreters. Another engaging activity was the language hunt, encouraging interpreters to connect and share experiences.

Raffle Prizes and Surprises

The raffle draw was one of the most anticipated moments of the day. Attendees eagerly awaited the announcement of winners, who took home fantastic prizes such as gift cards, dinner vouchers, curated gift baskets, and handy power banks. These prizes were a generous gesture to show appreciation for the interpreters’ hard work and dedication.

Culinary Delights Sponsored by Oxford Dodge

A special mention goes to Oxford Dodge, the event’s sponsor, who ensured that everyone enjoyed a delicious meal. Attendees savored juicy hamburgers and fresh salads, which were a hit among both children and adults. International desserts brought by the generous attendees added a sweet touch to the picnic, celebrating the diverse backgrounds of the interpreters.


The Picnic in the Park 2024 was more than just an event; it was a celebration of the Across Languages community. Despite the weather, the day was filled with joy, laughter, and a sense of belonging. It was a reminder of the importance of coming together, appreciating each other’s contributions, and creating cherished memories. As the day came to an end, everyone left with full hearts and the anticipation of next year’s gathering.