Across Languages and Sunfest Festival

Across Languages had a significant presence at Sunfest, one of the largest summer festivals in London. This multicultural festival celebrates various types of food, music, and art. Held annually at Victoria Park in London, Ontario, the event takes place during the week following Canada Day.

At Sunfest, Across Languages received invaluable assistance from their dedicated summer volunteer team, which included Locke, Sascha, Annia, Birmania, and Rayyan, as well staff members and summer students. Together, they tirelessly collected donations to support over 3 hours of interpretation services, catering to anyone in need.

Visitors of all ages approached us to learn more about our organization or contribute a small donation towards interpretation. Throughout the weekend, we engaged in a wide range of activities, such as rock painting, fishing in ponds, and playing skill marble games suitable for all ages. Additionally, we offered our iconic merchandise, including t-shirts and lanyards, for sale.

Despite a few challenges, such as unexpected rainfall that led to the temporary closure of our Sunfest stand, the event was immensely enjoyable for everyone involved. We took great measures to protect ourselves and our belongings from getting wet.

Across Languages expresses deep gratitude to all the dedicated staff and volunteers who made this year’s participation a success. We look forward to future years filled with similar accomplishments.